Safely Install and remove

Tungsten carbide tips safely grab and hold the hitch

Your Hands Stay Clean

No more grease and grime. You'll never touch your dirty hitch again.


Hitchgrip helps you stabilize the weight by evenly distributing the load.

Move With Ease

Makes Carrying and installing your trailer hitch easy. Never strain your back again.

New Innovative Design

Your hitch feels lighter. You can lift it with one hand and transport it easily.

Safe Easy Clean

Makes moving your hitch safe, easy and clean.


Makes light work of it.


HitchGrip makes moving and attaching the hitch ball mount to your RV, boat, horse or utility trailer easier than ever before. What was once a greasy job is now a neat, clean, and simple task. Its ergonnomic design allows you to keep the grease off your hands while reducing the risk of straining your back. Let's face it, those ball mounts are awkward and heavy!


So have HitchGrip ready to go before your next open road adventure.


Just Lift and Go!